About the Project

The goal of the University Marine Energy Research Community (UMERC) will be to assess the needs of a research network with regard to the current research landscape with the aim to foster collaboration and coordination across the United States (U.S.) marine energy research community, and to amplify the impacts of research both nationally and internationally.

While UMERC is focused on understanding, growing, and strengthening research networks in the U.S., it includes international perspectives and liaisons. The diverse expertise leading UMERC will allow for showcasing the unique research in the U.S. marine energy sector in a global context. The UMERC leadership will facilitate research to reduce duplication and repetition of effort, suggest research gaps, increase knowledge transfer between universities, national laboratories and industry, and enhance the impact and relevance of research to the marine energy industry.

While all non-federal research institutions are intended to be represented in UMERC, the organization and direction emphasize university research given the significant and important role that universities play in research for the marine energy sector and one which, unlike DOE national laboratories and private industry, has no existing organization to aid in helping to coordinate activities.


Main Objectives

  • Increase transparency and awareness of marine energy research throughout the U.S., with an emphasis on understanding ongoing university research activities and supporting alignment with industry needs
  • Evaluate and recommend ways to enhance U.S. university marine energy research activities and expertise to support marine energy research for the greatest impact
  • Improve research coordination and collaboration by strengthening university, lab and industry ties and growing the U.S. university marine energy research community


Project Partners

  • Pacific Ocean Energy Trust
  • University of Washington
  • University of Edinburgh
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Department of Energy

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